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AthenaLayer operates on an advanced anycast network with three different points of prescence giving you enterprise level infrastructure at a fraction of the price.

DDoS Mitigation

We operate using the most advanced DDoS mitigation infrastructure and software to ensure your website can survive attacks on all layers over 500Gb/s and 700 million packets per second.

Cloud Platform

AthenaLayer operates in the cloud and makes changes to its network instantly and in real time, giving you full control of your services when you need it most.


We use state of the art browser verification technology to ensure all requests to you website are validated in real time. Blocking all bots and malicious requests far before they hit your website.

Game Servers

AthenaLayer doesn't just protect websites, we use our advanced anycast network to protect game servers and any other form of server as well. With our cloud platform you can instantly manage your non web services.

Automatic Caching

AthenaLayer automatically caches static content on your website and delivers it to your users from any of our three data centers giving saving you bandwidth and increasing performance.

Get your website or game server protected in less than five minutes.

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